Application Requirements

1. Documents

i) The following are the academic documents needed:

  • S4 certificate for Short Course
  • S4 & S6 certificate for Certificate
  • S4 & S6 certificate or its equivalent for Diploma
  • S4 & S6 & Diploma or its equivalent for Higher Diploma
  • ii) The following are the Identification documents needed: passport or National ID.

    iii) Only PDF files are to be uploaded, and they shouldn't exceed 8MBs size per document.

    iv) You should atleast have a phone and an email address to which we shall contact you.

    2. Payments

    i) Payments are to be conducted after filling in the form. However they can be made at the institute offices.

    ii) The amount to be paid per application form is UGX 35,000/= transcation fees exclusive.

    3. Note

    i) All fields marked * are required.

    ii) Please not down the application ID that will be displayed. it will enable you edit or resume with the application incase anything goes wrong.

    iii) Kampala Polytechnic reserves the right to accept or reject the application form from an individual.

    iv) By applying, you agree to the information listed above.